Muhammad Ali Lakhani Biography: Best Lawyer in Dubai UAE

In the first place, Muhammed Ali Lakhani is one of the best lawyers in Dubai. His knowledge and style of working have made him a famous lawyer in the industry. Ali Lakhani is currently part of a firm in Dubai. The name of the firm is Muhammad Ali Lakhani and Associates.

Read through the article to know more about Muhammad Ali Lakhani. This article will include information on the personal and professional life of the lawyer.

Ali Lakhani

Who is Ali Lakhani?

Ali Lakhani was born on 10th May 1980. He is currently 40 years old. He is presently living in Dubai, UAE. Now coming to his physical appearance, Ali Lakhani, Dubai lawyer stands tall at 6 feet and 1 inch. He also weighs 70 kgs. His height and weight are proportionate to one another.

As far as married life, he is married to Sheena Lakhani. In addition to being married, he also has two children. But there is not much information on his wife and children.

The early life of the lawyer Ali Lakhani

Ali spent his childhood days in Dhaka, a city in the country of Bangladesh. He grew up with his parents and siblings. Ali’s father is a local clerk in Dhaka. But from a young age, Ali decided to become a lawyer.

Even more, in his childhood, he spent his free time watching legal documentaries. In addition to documentaries, he also watched multiple law shows.

After finishing schooling at a local school in Dhaka, he went to college. Ali Lakhani attended National Law School, which is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Throughout his life, Ali had wonderful support from his parents.

Soon after completing his degree in law, he started an internship with a legal firm. So, in other words, his entry into the legal field was through an internship. He worked at legal firms in Dhaka for some time before moving to Dubai.

Ali Lakhani’s move to Dubai was because of his career. He wanted to succeed in his career. So, he decided to shift to Dubai for better prospects.

What is the lawyer Ali Lakhani likes?

Ali Lakhani likes being a lawyer and practicing it. But apart from the law, he likes sports. His favorite sport is soccer. The lawyer, Ali likes watching soccer matches. Even more, he never misses a chance to watch soccer match played by his favorite team.

The name of Ali’s favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. Also, his most favorite soccer player is Christina Ronald, one of the best players in the world. Ali’s love for soccer is visible in his health and diet routine. In addition to sports, he also likes reading books and making friends.

Yet, he does not let his busy schedule affect family life. He makes sure to spend time with his wife and children.

A note on the career of Ali Lakhani

As stated earlier, Ali Lakhani’s love for law began at an early age. After starting his career in the legal field, he started learning the job from his seniors. Ali always looks forward to learning from his mentors in the firm. Ali Lakhani fund‘s lawyer is highly successful. But his success did not come easy.

At present, he specializes in handling various cases.  The specializing of Ali Lakhani fraud claim, car dealing, and property cases make him the best in the field.

Bottom Line:

Ali Lakhani is a successful lawyer in Dubai. He is part of a firm named Ali Lakhani and associates. Even more, he is a hard-working and dedicated lawyer.